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[IB] :: Baal Helling by 69Erocento [IB] :: Baal Helling by 69Erocento


• Name: Baal Helling

• Age: 18

• Gender: Male

• Height: 6’2” (188 cm)

• Weight: 170lb (77kg)

• Birthday: January 1st

• Nationality: British

• House: Slytherin

• Year: 7th

• Personality:

Baal can always be seen with a smile on his face and is known to be extremely friendly toward other people whether he knows them or not. He is laid-back and really know how to keep his head cool, he rarely gets angry over anything. Even when someone insulting him he will just shake his head and let it slip by with a smile. This results on people looking down at him sometimes and thinks he is just a dork.

Baal is the kind of person that will talk his way out of a conflict rather than using violence.

Baal’s kindness only stops at good nature. He will help people in need but only to the best of his ability. If the matter goes out of hand, Baal won’t think twice before backing off and prioritizing himself over others.

People sometimes may often double check themselves upon knowing that Baal is a member of the Slytherin house. Baal does possess the trait of a true Slytherin, it’s just hidden under his stupid acting. Yes, he is a good guy no matter how people look at him, but at the same time he is also not. He is possessive and selfish when it comes to thing or person that he takes a liking to. He refuses to share anything with others even if it means destroying such precious thing. Baal can let an insult slip by, he prefers solving thing verbally, but he will not hesitate to use violence either if that’s the only choice he has.

Although he may not appear to be so but Baal is overly ambitious.

• Family:

*On the birth record, Baal is known to be a pure blooded, the official child of the Helling family. Even his birthday is fake/off.

Syd Helling: (Pureblood) Baal’s biological father and a busy man. All he really cares about is his business.

Rosa Josie: (Pureblood) Baal’s “mother.” Her job is more important to her than her family.

Lilith Hudson: (Muggle) Baal’s biological mother. She cares and loves Baal with all her mind. A somewhat pitiful woman.

• Background:

The start

The word “irony” could easily be used to describe Baal Helling’s life.

He was born to a pure blooded wizard father and a muggle mother. His father, Syd Helling, was the heir to the head of the Helling family, while his birth mother, Lilith Hudson, was just a servant in the house. He was the unwanted result of a one-time night between them. His existence was kept a secret from other people even when he was in his mother’s womb.

Ironically enough, three days after Baal was born, Syd’s official wife, Rosa Josie, also gave birth to her child. But unfortunately, the child died due to complications of preterm birth. At that time, Syd and Syd’s brothers were on a race to obtain the head title of the family, whoever had a child first would win. Not wanting to lose to his brothers, Syd swapped Baal into the dead baby’s place and claimed Baal to be the newborn child and the future heir to the Helling family.

Lilith, Baal’s birth mother, didn’t want to be separated from him, so she stayed a servant of the family even after years later.

Because of their busy life, Syd and Rosa didn’t have the time to look after Baal despite being his father and “mother.” So the job ironically went to Lilith, who had been endured years after years as a servant just to be with her child.

Lilith raised Baal just like how a mother would raise her son, only that she was forbad to tell him the very truth.

The year Baal turned nine, he found out his true identity upon accidentally eavesdropping his father’s conversation with Lilith. The man promised to let Lilith be with Baal as long as she knew to keep her mouth shut. Ever since that day, the way Baal looked at Lilith greatly changed.

Baal loved Lilith for taking care of him, and that was it. He held doubt in her for Lilith was just a mere servant, he didn’t believe her because she was being too nice to him. But when he found out that Lilith was his real mother, everything changed. Because she was his real mother, so she was being over nicely to him, the doubt in him disappeared just like that. Even though he knew the truth, Baal decided to keep it a secret even from Lilith. Compare to risking Lilith’s life while exposing the truth, he found keeping the truth a secret to himself a better alternative. As long as he was still the heir to Helling family and Lilith was still by his side, they would still be able to stay together and there wouldn’t be anything that could harm her.


When Baal was eleven, he received a letter from Hogwarts, much to everyone’s expectation. At first he didn’t want to go because he was worried about Lilith, but when he thought about it more carefully, he found Hogwarts to be a good opportunity for him to grow and gain more power. Lilith said she would still be at the Helling family to wait for him, as long as it would take, and so he entered the academy.

His intelligent and foresight almost landed him into the Ravenclaw house, but his overwhelming ambition and self-preservation made him into a Slytherin.

Having passed his school years known to be a good nature guy that strictly follows the rules and had a perfect record on almost anything, Baal hoped that he could carry on like that until he succeeded graduating from the school and took over the Helling family.

• Likes & Dislikes:

♥ Sleeping | ♥ Exotic animal | ♥ Food | ♥ Exploring

♥ Books | ♥ Quiet place | ♥ Obedient people | ♥ Rules

♡ Quarrel | ♡ Noisy place | ♡ Sharing | ♡ Unnecessary commotion

♡ JELLY BEANS (With a burning passion of thousand suns)

• Elective Classes:

Care of Magical Creatures



• Extra Curricular:

Ghoul Studies

Magical Theory

• Spells:

Disarming Charm - (Expelliarmus) Causes the target's wand to fly from their hand. With sufficient power behind it, a Disarming Charm may throw a victim back forcefully.

Serpensortia Curse - (Serpensortia) Conjures a large snake which will attack anything (other than the caster) within a short radius.

Levicorpus Hex - (Levicorpus or Nonverbal) Levitates and dangles a victim by the ankles, a spell that has its roots in hazing rituals nearly two centuries old.

Patronus Charm - (Expecto patronum) Summons a patronus from the caster's wand.

Fortifying Spell - (Cave Inimicum) A spell used to strengthen an enclosure against intruders - reinforces anything from castle walls to the rain fly of a tent.

Confundus Charm - (Confundo or Ch'arwi) Causes the victim to become easily confused and readily manipulated - a confunded individual follows most orders without question, but not especially competently.

Revealing Charm</b> - (Homenum Revelio) Reveals people near the caster. The Revealing Charm can effectively locate magically concealed individuals as well, including those under the effects of an invisibility cloak.

• Wand Ingredients:  

Core: Phoenix feather

Length: Thirteen and a quarter inches

Wood: Sycamore

Flexibility: Surprisingly Swishy

• Pet -

Name: Lilith

Species: Black Rat Snake

Gender: Female

Personality: Lilith is quite gluttonous and loves eating more than anything. She also loves being spoiled by her master and is pretty attached to him. Just like her master, she is possessive and will likely bare her teeth at any stranger who comes close to her master, thus frequently being scolded by him, which, she hates a lot. Lilith is a proud and cocky snake. It’s hard to get her to warm up to anyone. The best way to do this is to patiently offer food to her from day to day and eventually she will stop baring her teeth at you.

• Achievements

1 Galleon by row Blood Moon Badge by row 1000 House Points by row Finis Badge by row


Baal’s relationship chart

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